Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recap of a 2008 Event

Georgie Bishop and board members of The Public Sector Consortium joined us for dinner at Vie de France a week ago. The Consortium began as a project team of seven federal agencies focused on a request from the President’s Management Council to re-think the profession of employee development for the federal government. The project team evolved into a long standing (since 1995) community of practice and now has become a nonprofit and community of practice that is dedicated to reinventing the practice of public leadership.

During the evening, we had the opportunity to briefly review their research and formal learning programs which have evolved over the last thirteen years. Rooted in the work of the Organizational Learning Center at MIT and the practical work experience of the founding members who were/are public leaders, the Consortium strives to re-define the essentials of public leadership and make transparent the systems that affect the capacity of leaders to lead.

We participated in a Systems Thinking exercise that used one of the systems maps from a report entitled "The Leadership Dilemma in a Democratic Society." That report is available at Don Jacobson's web site, Participant groups were encouraged to define the systems map for themselves, locate the point of leverage for change, and define the competencies necessary for leaders at the point of leverage. There was considerable concentration on that task, and subsequent discussion, until late in the evening.

Georgie invites you to participate in the monthly First Friday dialog group which the Consortium offers as a way for public leaders to continue their learning together and share best practices. This is an opportunity to engage with phenomenal people via monthly conference call. Anyone interested in participating may connect by visiting

A list of participant affiliations follows:

Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
Department of Justice
Dept of Education
Dept of Homeland Security
Dept of Labor
Dept of State
Dept of Transportation
Dept of Treasury
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Trade Commission
General Services Administration
Kahler Communication Inc.
Office of Management and Budget
Office of Personnel Management
Public Sector Consortium
Veterans Administration

Work experience levels ranged from intern to senior executive. Please consider joining us in the future.

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