Monday, January 26, 2009

How Wikis Were Put to Work for IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has several advisory committees whose members provide the agency with an external perspective on tax administration. Mark Kirbabas of the IRS needed a tool to help the committees and their members communicate better. Mark created a wiki for two of the groups, introducing it primarily as a source to store and work administrative documents. The tool has reduced e-mail traffic and empowered users who can add and edit material online. Almost a full year after introducing the wiki, the committees and IRS employees consider it a success, and it continues to grow and develop to meet the needs of the users.

Mark is the Branch Chief for the Stakeholder Relationship Management Branch in the Office of National Public Liaison, which is imbedded in HQ Communications & Liaison. The branch partners with national tax professional associations through monthly meetings, advisory committees and continual conversations. While waiting for web 2.0 to grab hold at the IRS, Mark is one of two people who have just begun work to restructure the Tax Professionals page and its related pages on to make it a task driven page. Kudos, Mark!


  1. High five for seeing the need, implementing a solution, and adapting to the feedback. Well done, Mark. By leveraging the technology to improve communication, you're making it easier for the committees to unleash their potential.

  2. I really like the way new ideas are being brought in to the government. What I see here is how Mark saw how he could make a difference. Sometimes at this step, the process can seem overwhelming... yes its a great idea but then there is a hurdle to get over and have the idea accepted... this effort should give us all courage !