Saturday, April 25, 2009

Employee Engagement: Imagine.

There is a 4-minute YouTube video of an event in Antwerp's central train station that's had 2.5M hits in the month since it was posted. You should watch it! All mind chatter aside, I noticed the wonderful feeling the video evoked. How might that feeling, and an experience of flow, be evoked in the federal workplace? Your thoughts are welcome.


  1. There is nothing that stands in our way that can't be overcome. I think it's got to do with limiting beliefs that are outdated for today. So, Kitty, count me as the idealist in this one, I think the world is experiencing the value of play, laughing yoga, etc, at an increasing rate because it's what's needed to reconnect and remember our purpose. The federal sector can tap into it's highest purpose of service at any time, and it's a sea change in how we lead, follow, and act.


  2. Joan, I could not agree more. Thanks for weighing in.