Monday, June 6, 2011

A solution to "not enough time"

Rachael Happe, groundbreaking co-founder of The Community Roundtable, has just written an incredibly important post entitled, Communities - The New Strategic Imperative.   I urge you to read and consider it.

Some managers and executives I know have expressed what I'll characterize as desperation at the speed at which things are running, and the fact that an end to the acceleration is nowhere in sight.  A few are trying to understand this problem and devise solutions.  Others seem to hover near the point of exhaustion.  Meanwhile, brain research studies on multi-tasking's lack of efficacy have begun appearing.  None of this bodes well for high quality decision-making.  

The leadership development experts have begun socializing the "new" competencies that governing in an increasingly complex 21st century will require - but is the task just skills acquisition, or are people in the most technologically advanced cultures approaching some sort of inner limit?  Happe's post puts a much needed and very credible context around this issue of "not enough time."  I think her vision is attractive because it focuses on quality, is sustainable, and in the long run will deliver more value.  What do you think?